UpViral Review: Pros & Cons of the Viral Referral Marketing Platform

UpViral Review
UpViral Review

The following UpViral Review, called now the Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform, will make you understand how this software can help you increase your customer base, subscribers’ base and brand engagement. The UpViral platform can ease a lot of pains and this is what we will show during this review.

Every day business owners and companies are struggling to acquire more customers, increase their sales, but also engaging and retaining their customers. And all business owners and marketing departments know that the power of consumer to consumer referral is playing the biggest role in the every stage of the purchase life cycle. That’s why looking for the best customer referral program, which can help exploit the potential of personal recommendations, it’s a never ending search. Normally a customer may refer your product or your service once, but if he is encouraged to frequently refer and make referral as a regular occurrence, then your business can benefit at the maximum.

This is why UpViral has been created, to offer exactly that referral marketing platform that can make your online presence become viral. The creator of UpViral is Wilco de Kreij is a very renowned name is the industry. Previously to UpViral, he had enormous performance with his product launches, generating sales of over $500,000. With this new launch it is expected that UpViral will create a massive industry buzz, being called now the Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform.

UpViral Review – Wilco de Kreij
UpViral Review – Wilco de Kreij

Getting to understand UpViral with this review

UpViral is a Software as a service platform (SaaS) which helps brands and businesses to gather a huge army of people to engage and promote to their friends and acquaintances a specific product or service by using a simple viral referral program. This platform has been proven to be very efficient because it has been made with the understanding that the customer today are well informed and savvy and therefore a referral program needs to adapt to the attitude of the customer. The campaigns that you can run with UpViral can help your business in not only acquiring new customers, but also engaging them loyally so that they can feel that they are getting something valuable out of their loyalty.

Looking back at what at how DropBox built their $10 billion empire, you can see that it only took 15 months for them to grow from 100k users to 4 Million users – an impressive 3900% growth caused by one very effective strategy, viral referral marketing. By adding a viral referral mechanism into DropBox website, they made it simple for their customers to actively promote their service anywhere they could.

UpViral already had a proven its value with 2-paged site that collected 138.790 leads within 40 days and a brand new company that collected 100,000 leads within a week. Even UpViral’s beta testers got incredible results, collecting thousands of email leads with their campaigns in just a few weeks’ time.

UpViral Review – A simple system to use
UpViral Review – A simple system to use

Types of viral referral marketing campaigns that you can run with UpViral

The UpViral viral referral marketing program provides three types of campaigns to choose from. They are the following:

  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Generic campaigns for product launches

Viral Giveaways

Viral Contests

Viral Product Launches

The concept behind UpViral is very simple: anybody would love to refer your business, product or service to their friends if there are rewards attached to it using a tracking URL. The competition has grown intense in the past years and therefore new rewarding techniques needs to be created. These three campaigns are quite innovative, easy to use and very straight forward.

You can use the Giveaway campaigns to reward your customers with points every time they are referring a new friend. The ones who achieve the highest score can be unlock a surprise reward.