InstaThumbnail Review & 4 Amazing Bonuses

InstaThumbnail Review & 4 Amazing Bonuses
InstaThumbnail Review & 4 Amazing Bonuses

This InstaThumbnail Review will help you understand how this new software for videos works and how it can help you to get more traffic and clicks to your video. Huge 4 bonuses are waiting for you at the end of this review.

Who is Joey Xoto and why InstaThumbnail?

Joey Xoto started back in 2012 when he lost his job, has a strong background in sales and a passion for making videos all his life. He used his know-how and his passion to help & teach people how to make videos and sell things with videos online.

After months of internal tests, Joey Xoto and the team wanted to find out how to make people more likely to watch and click a video. The essential thing is that the more traffic you have on your offer, the more sales you get. This works not only on internet, but also on any kind of business. So, how can you drive more traffic to your video content?

Today, the video market has exploded, from flashy videos to sales pages videos. Only on YouTube are uploaded 300 hours of video every 60 seconds. This is the problem, because the competition is growing and your video content is drowning in the sea and how does your video stand out?

So, the question is, how can we make people click on your video and not somebody else video? Joey and his team figured out that a simple thing that a lot of people underrate, because it’s such a simple thing, is the video thumbnail. Video thumbnail is the first thing that people see before they click play on the video, it’s the entry point. If your video thumbnail looks awful, what are the chances of your audience to watch the video? But what if your video thumbnail look good?

Joey and InstaThumbnail team made and internal test and realized that 78% of the users are more likely to click on the good looking thumbnail, no matter how good the video is. The video thumbnail must make that good impression on the viewer that will make him want to click. If your video thumbnail doesn’t make an impression on viewer then you are losing prospects, viewers or customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your website or YouTube, you got to have a good thumbnail that will have a good effect on your potential viewer.

It’s the same with your sales page headline, or the call-to-action on your website, it can make the difference between driving sales or driving sales away. Every single detail adds to how much money you are making on the marketing world. There’s no difference when it comes to a video thumbnail. A good thumbnail will help people convert to viewers, rather than people just clicking away and watching a different video. That’s why it’s very important to have a good looking video thumbnail.

The InstaThumbnail team wanted to develop a software that will help anyone make great video thumbnails without having to have design skills, technical capabilities or to spend hours to do this.

InstaThumbnail Review and Features

InstaThumbnail is a very simple software that creates instantly highly professional video thumbnails. Why should you make video thumbnails with InstaThumbnail?

  • create instant video thumbnails
  • your thumbnails will be highly professional
  • thumbnails will make your video become click worthy
  • attractive video thumbnails will make more people will click on your video

How does InstaThumbnail works?

Step 1. First enter a YouTube video URL or video id of your choice into InstaThumbnail. You can also do a quick search for a video on YouTube.

InstaThumbnail Review Step 1
InstaThumbnail Review Step 1

Step 2. Once you have a video just scrub through the video and select a screenshot that you want to use as the base of you thumbnail.

InstaThumbnail Review Step 2
InstaThumbnail Review Step 2